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  • 6 months of Keto

    Looks like it’s time for an update since I’ll be completing 6 months of Keto in 3 days. Dunno if I’ll reach 50 lbs, I’m at 48.3 pounds lost since I started. I’ve lost 2 shirt sizes (XXL to L), gone from size 38 pants to… I need to buy new ones and they’ll probably […]

  • Label all the things!

    Previously I had one Keto Chow recipe and made one label for all the different flavors of Keto Chow, I would just change the big text at the top with the name of the flavor. Now I’ve done gone and made a recipe for each and every one of the flavors because there is a […]

  • 5 months on Ketogenic soylent, 43.1 lbs

    I realized today that I neglected to add an entry for my 5 month ketoversary. Time to rectify that. I started doing Ketogenic soylent back October 21, 2014 at the time I was 257.8 lbs. I started with QuidNYC Ketofood and later adapted a recipe by kennufs to make Keto Chow. As of March 21, […]

  • Preparing a week of Keto Chow powder – video

    Time to post a video of mixing up a week of Keto Chow. It’s very similar to my earlier videos for People Chow and Ketofood. You can find the recipe for Keto Chow here. There’s also a video showing what to do with the powder, mixing up 3 meals here. I mix all 7 days […]

  • Tested new foil bags, we have a winner

    I got in the new foil bags I ordered. They’re shorter and wider than the other ones I was testing. They will fit easier into my boxes and are easier to scoop out of. I ordered a bunch today and will start using them for all orders going out as soon as I exhaust my […]

  • Benefits of Keto Chow over a normal diet (including other high-carb powdered foods like Soylent and People Chow)

    This is adapted from a really good write-up on reddit.com/r/soylent – If you want to know more about why Ketogenic Diets work check out my review of “Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It” The aim with nutritional ketosis is to get under a certain threshold of carbohydrates so your body is forced […]

  • Mixing 3 meals of Keto Chow

    Finally got the time to make a better video showing how to mix up 3 meals of Keto Chow for a day: We refinished the counter about a month ago, it’s less yellow-green now.

  • Going to try mixing PB2 into the powder tonight, Calcium Phosphate changes

    I cloned my Keto Chow Recipe and added PB2 to it so I could get actual numbers instead of hoping I was good with a calculator. I also put the specific nutrition info for the Rich Chocolate flavored protein powder since the different flavors have slightly different values. What I came up with looks really good. […]

  • Tried the PB2 powdered peanut butter in Keto Chow, yeah it’s awesome.

    Last week I posted about my disappointment with Dymatize “Gourmet” having too many carbs because it would hinder me from trying their Peanut Butter Chocolate flavor. I decided then to grab a 16 ounce jar of PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter (they also make a much smaller 6.5 ounce container it’s nearly the same price as the […]

  • Keto Photo Friday: 4 months, 37 lbs – got a long way to go still =)

    Keto Photo Friday: 4 months, 37 lbs – got a long way to go still =)

    I posted this to /r/keto last week, decided it might be nice to have it here too. I started “Obese” (>30 BMI) now I’m just “Overweight”. First time posting progress pics. I was going to wait longer but I was just at a conference where they were doing headshots. I had a similar one taken right before […]