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  • 100 Kg (down 17 total in 4 months)

    This morning I finally hit 220.5 lbs. This is kinda a big deal for a variety of reasons: It’s within rounding distance of being exactly 100 kg (220.46 lbs). I’m almost as excited about being 100kg as I am about being 37 (“I’m 37, I’m not old.” “Well I couldn’t just call you ‘man’.”). It’s […]

  • Discovered a superpower

    Yesterday for kicks I did a little experiment and didn’t eat anything from 21:00 the night before until 18:00, so 21 hours without eating just to see what would happen. I had read that doing a ketogenic diet my body would cope with fasting extremely well, and it did. I still drank water and some zero […]

  • Had a bit of a flavor party last night

    Had a bit of a flavor party last night

    I ordered a bunch of 2 lb tubs of the various flavors and mixed them up into Keto Chow last night: Chocolate Fudge, Pina Colada, Smooth Banana, Cookies and Cream and the staple Chocolate Mint, Strawberry and Vanilla. Not pictured is “Rich Chocolate” – I got the 10 lb bag of that one. I then […]

  • Added some Keto Chow sample flavors

    In addition to the 3 flavors I normally stock, there are 8 other flavors you can get as a special order. There have been several requests for samples of these, so I’m going to work on that. Today I added samples of Butter Cream Toffee and Cinnamon Bun. Unlike the other samples, I’m going to be […]

  • Much better

    Trace amounts of ketones are showing up now and everything is returned to normal (thankfully). It also seems that keeping up on electrolytes spared me the Keto Flu this time, which is AWESOME! I still am anxious for my weight trend to head down steadily, that should be this week. I didn’t loose nearly as […]

  • Doing that again? dagnabbit

    warning: TMI Last time I started ketosis (back in October) I bucked the normal trend of getting constipated when starting and went the opposite way. Well, It’s happening again, lucky me. I’m not sure if it has to do with gut fauna dying off (not likely since I only are carbs for 6 days) or […]

  • Water weight and keto flu redux

    As previously noted, I started a local weight loss contest yesterday that compares percentage of weight lost as opposed to total pounds. I successfully replenished my glycogen reserves by eating carbs for a few days and gained a fair amount of water weight. So that craziness is over. Now I’m back doing a ketogenic diet which […]

  • Leveling the playing field

    On Wednesday I have my initial weigh in for a local weight loss contest. It’s based on % of body weight lost. In the past the winners have lost anywhere from 15 to 21%. I figure that no one else doing it is going to be starting out without glycogen in their system so I’ve been […]

  • Best “customer comment” on an order yet

    Got an order today, there’s a box where people can add a note. This was in the box: $ ./configure $ make $ make keto My first thought was: I had a good laugh.

  • Customizing the calories in Keto Chow to your requirements

    On the Keto Chow page I have this: This recipe has the added benefit of being customizable for people with different caloric requirements. Without any oil or cream it’s right around 500 calories/day and still hits all the right nutrients except protein, and the different fatty acids. Following the directions you’ll get 1269 calories/day (woohoo, deficit!) […]