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Scaling up meals of Keto Chow (6 at a time!)

Whilst replying to a thread over on reddit I remembered something I had pondered upon a few weeks ago: I was making 12 blender bottles of Keto Chow for my wife and myself (lasts a whole 2 days if we both eat 3 meals a day) and thought that making Keto Chow for 2 is workable though kinda tedious. What if ALL the family was on Keto Chow? Granted, the smaller kids wouldn’t drink a full one but the big kids would and I would still probably need 7 meals worth just for the one meal. Mixing them individually doesn’t scale well, so how do you scale it?

Others mentioned it before but I hadn’t ever tried it: mass mixing 3 or more meals at a time either in a blender or in a pitcher with an immersion blender. Last night I tried it. I target 1400 calories a day so I’m using 50ml of heavy cream per meal. I like the thickness when I mix it up to be 16 fluid ounces (about 475ml). At that volume I could fit 8 meals into a 1 gallon pitcher. Figured it would be nice to have some room at the top to avoid spilling so I decided to do 6 meals at a time. The math was easy enough, just multiple everything by 6. 50g of powder = 300g. 50ml of heavy cream = 300ml. 13ml of MCT oil = 78ml.

  • I stuck it all in the pitcher then added water to about the half point.
  • I blended it for a bit with the immersion blender to get it going and then finished filling with water to the 3 quart mark.
  • Kept the blender going for about 5 minutes.
  • Finally I measured out 16 ounces into individual bottles and stuck them in the fridge.

The time stamps on my camera say it took 7 minutes from start to finish. Awesome!

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The “vitamins now included” stickers

So it’s been about a month since I started putting the vitamins into the powder mixture. All of the packages I have mixed up have the vitamins included so the “vitamins are included” stickers are a bit redundant. I’m running low on the stickers and don’t want to make more so as soon as I run out of the ones I have I’m going to stop putting the stickers on. If you order one of the more popular flavors like vanilla, rich chocolate or cookies & cream you might get a package without the sticker as early as next week, less popular flavors will have them for a while. On a related note, last night I was updating the labels and noticed that the day packs still said to take a vitamin pill doh! So I fixed that.

Final note, my preferred DNS registrar recently had a sale on .xyz domains so you can now get to this site by going to (you can also use and

Why don’t I have (without a dash)? well, that’s a fun story involving a domain squatter who saw me register @ketochow on twitter, found the guy in England that owned, bought it for about $160 and then turned around and tried to shake me down for $6000. I declined and he then tried to sell it to my “competitors” whom all flatly refused to work with him (thanks guys!).

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Family Photos, 1 year later

We recently had family photos taken, the last time was 11 months (and 60lbs) ago, just 4 days after I started doing Keto back on October 25, 2014. Time for a comparison.

Strangely enough, I’m wearing the exact same pants, but in a 34 instead of the 38s I wore last year.


And for kicks, here is a comparison from just before I started Keto and about 3 weeks ago:


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Awesome results from a Keto Chow user

I got a great email from a Keto Chow user this afternoon, I asked permission to share it (since I’m always seeking confirmation). I’ve edited a few spelling errors but that’s it.

TL;DR Male/28 5’7″, start weight 185, hit goal weight of 130. (I’m small framed/boned).

I just wanted to thank you for this product, as it allowed me to lose 55 pounds of fat in 6/7 months (probably more since I’ve gained some muscle from new gains). It made dieting easy and quickly since I hate preparing food, and this took 5 minutes of prep for 3 meals of the day. I was doing three shakes a day for 80% of days. During this I was lifting 3-4 days a week, with no cardio, except for some hikes on the weekends.

I had many naysayers and mocking during lunch in the office, however ignored it and kept on trucking. The fact that I was never hungry was pretty amazing, compared to most other diets I’ve been on. Toward the end however, when my body-fat percentage was getting near 10% I did start to have cravings which was difficult to deal with, and which slowed down progress immensely as I found myself always snacking.

Just wanted to say thanks for the abs! haha

So there’s a lesson for all of you: when you get to 10% body fat you might get cravings. #firstworldproblems =) I have a bit to go before I hit 10% (OK a lot. I started all this at around 36% and am hovering around 25% according to my scale that does it using electricity).


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Transition complete: all packages have the vitamins mixed in now

We started adding the vitamins to the mixture about a month ago. Some of the flavors and sizes are less popular than others and some we had just made a lot the day before the transition started. As of Saturday, all of the packages now have the vitamins included in the mixture so there isn’t a need to have a bag of them and you don’t have to remember to take one a day. We will probably continue putting the “No more vitamin pills, it’s in the mix” labels on the packages for about a month so everyone can be aware of the change.

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11 months, DreamForce14 to DreamForce15

11 months ago I attended DreamForce 2014. It was really good. It was also the “the straw that broke the camel’s back” in that the sheer amount of weight I gained during the conference convinced me to make some changes and start Keto. Attached to this post is the headshot taken last year during DreamForce next to one taken yesterday. You can’t see most of my body but I weigh 60 lbs (4.3 stone, 27.2 kg) less now:

2015-09-17 07_19_05-Health Mate

It has been interesting (food wise) to be here at the conference. I just bring Keto Chow in insulated flasks since “breakfast” is juice and bread (I could eat the butter), lunch is a tiny bit of meat with carbs that you have to stand in line for, dinner’s on your own – I figure I might as well keep going.

So anyhow, that’s 11 months down; the rest of my life to go!

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