Instructions for People Chow preparation

People Chow for Olive Oil and Low Cal People Chow for Olive Oil both come in gallon size bags. Normal People Chow is 4 “meals” a day, Low Cal is 3 (low cal has 1 cup less masa and less oil). There’s a video showing how to mix a meal at

Here are written instructions for preparing both versions:

  1. Into a container (I’m going to hope that you bought a standard 28 ounce Blender Bottle, the whole process is just plain easier) put 2 half cups of people chow, filling the bottle to the 8 ounce line (without the blender ball). If you have a scale it should be 112g.
  2. Add any additional flavors you might like (cinnamon, coco powder, peanut butter), note that the powder already contains stevia to make it mildly sweet.
  3. Add 2.5 teaspoons of Extra Virgin olive Oil or Canola Oil (not included) for the normal people chow, 1.5 teaspoons for the low cal. This will give you your daily dose of 50ml or 20ml oil, respectively.
  4. Fill the bottle with 18-20 ounces of water, if using a Blender Bottle you simple fill it up until the water up to the bottom of the spout.
  5. Give it a really good shake. If dry powder sticks to the bottom of the bottle you can tap the bottle on a counter to break up the jam. Shake until everything is mixed up (20-30 seconds). Clumps of powder tend to trigger my gag reflex (not good).
  6. Allow the mix to dissolve for 15-30 minutes. If you try to drink it before then it will likely taste strongly of vitamins and metals. You can let it sit in a refrigerator or just a room temperature.
  7. Drink it down. It will settle pretty quickly so you need to shake it each time you drink. Some people like the flavor better when it is ice cold and use cold water and even ice to mix it. I like it nearly room temperature so I can guzzle it easier and use room temp water out of a filter. As far as spoilage and storage go, treat mixed People Chow like milk; bacteria would LOVE to get in there and start multiplying. Unmixed People Chow should last 3-4 months at the minimum and maybe even a year.

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