You’ll notice that this is a different shopping experience from the normal site. That’s because the new site doesn’t allow subscriptions! (which is weird). So I’ve brought back the old shopping cart JUST for subscriptions. User accounts are not synced between the two so you may need to make 2 different accounts.

Weekly recurring or Monthly recurring subscription (monthly or weekly referring to the renewal period, not the amount of food). You have the option of:

  • getting a weekly shipment – 21 meals worth @ 3 meals a day
  • getting 1 week (21 meals worth) once a month –  (this is for people who only want to replace a few meals, it’s not enough to go an entire month on pure Keto Chow because they like bacon)
  • If you want to get, say, 2 or 3 bags a month instead of 1 just set the quantity of the monthly subscription to 2 or 3, respectively
  • If you want 4 full weeks (a month), you may want to just buy 4 of the regular bags and get the bulk discount – unlike subscriptions which can only have one flavor at a time, you get to pick flavors at will. It’s also slightly less expensive than 4 subscriptions *and* the shipping will be less.

The site will automatically create a new order for you and charge your paypal or credit card account each week or month. You also have the ability to log into your account and “Switch” the subscription over to a different flavor or billing period (weekly/monthly). Instructions Here.