New Before and after progress pic

I decided it was time for a new progress picture because I put on my “Breakfast – It’s what’s for dinner” shirt. Anyhow, the before is from October 2014 less than a week after I started keto at 258.7 but I was already down to 255. This morning I weighed 209.2 so I’m half a pound away from 50lbs.

Before and after April 2015 209

Yes, it’s a shameless selfie in the bathroom; that’s so ratchet. Now I’m off to mix up about 50 packs of Keto Chow. Just feeding the world =).


6 months of Ketogenic soylent, I’m 81% the man I used to be

Apparently I drank too much water yesterday and my weight ticked up from 209.4 to 210.7 – wasn’t the direction I wanted to go for my actual 6 month keto anniversary. I was hoping to reach an even 50lbs lost but it was not to be (that would have been 207.8) and today I’m sitting at 47.1 lbs lost.


Aside from the weight loss I’ve also

  • lost 2 shirt sizes (XXL to L)
  • lost 4 inches (38 to 34)
  • Made 4 new holes in my belts
  • Won second place in a weight loss contest
  • MyFitnessPal says I’m on a 182 day streak.
  • My scale says I’ve gone from 36.9% body fat in November to 26.6%
  • From a BMI of 34.0 (“obese”) to 27.8 (“overweight”) and am getting closer to the “magic” 24.9 where I won’t even be “overweight”!
  • My blood pressure has gone down from 142/98 to 128/84 (it was actually lower last week but whatever)

Here’s a really brief summary (you can real the whole story here) of my experience that I’ve stolen from one of my own posts on Reddit:

I’ve tried 5 different formulations of Ketogenic soylents over the last 6 months and it’s what I’m currently using as my staple (although I do still eat some beef jerky, kipper snacks, bacon and whatnot).

I’ve tried:

  • QuidNYC Induction Phase Ketofood – WAY too much chia seeds and other stuff. I couldn’t even do a full week
  • QuidNYC Ketofood for ongoing ketosis was tolerable compared to the induction. It tasted far better though it was still really gritty. I changed the recipe a bit to suit my own tastes
  • Ketosoy – made by fellow redditor /u/ketosoy – it’s pretty good, especially compared to Ketofood. Far less gritty, it was was opened me up to the possibility the ketogenic soylent could actually taste good. Full review here.
  • Kennufs Keto 9.3 – by /u/kennufs this recipe changed everything for me. Hardly any grit at all, tasted amazing thanks to ample heavy cream, even my wife thought it tasted good. I cloned his recipe, changed some stuff around and made my own…
  • Keto Chow – I aligned many of the ingredients with stuff I had from making super carby “People Chow”, took out the coconut flour, added moar fiber and changed the protein to one I could get quicker (next day vs. 9 business days). I’m currently consuming Keto Chow and plan to do so for the foreseeable future. It’s tasty enough that even when I do hit my target goal I won’t have any problem continuing with it as my staple.

For any that are insanely curious, here’s my weight for the last 15 months drinking soylent. You can see where I started People Chow, slowly gained the weight back and then started Keto.

15 months of soylents


6 months of Keto

6 months of keto

Looks like it’s time for an update since I’ll be completing 6 months of Keto in 3 days. Dunno if I’ll reach 50 lbs, I’m at 48.3 pounds lost since I started. I’ve lost 2 shirt sizes (XXL to L), gone from size 38 pants to… I need to buy new ones and they’ll probably be 34 or maybe even 32. I’m on my 4th new belt loop and I need to drill some more.

Last night we went to JCW’s for dinner. I got the 1lb burger as a lettuce wrap. The people we were with made a quip about artery clogging. Because none of the proported “evidence” of saturated fat causing health problems has ever been disproven… oh wait, ALL of it has? Weird.


12 week weight loss challenge completed

My wife and I just finished a 12 week weight loss challenge our city puts on. Just before it started I “leveled the playing field” by eating carbs for a few days which had the “desired” effect of making we gain a whole lot of (mostly water) weight that took about a week to keto off. So how did I do? Well, my first official weigh in was 247.8 and the weigh in from this morning was 213.2 – that represents a 13.96% loss; we’ll call it 14% for short. Just for reference my bathroom scale says I weigh 210.9 – but that’s with far less clothing =). It was a competition in percentage of weight lost (as opposed to total weight) . The last 3 times I did it the overall winners have been in the 17-21% loss range, The men’s winners have been in the 15-9% range and the women’s have been in the 12-14% range. So I doubt I’ll win overall but I just might win the male division. I’ll find out in a few days when they email out the final results.


Well, results are in: I got second place and won the male division. The winner lost 21.76% and third place lost 12.92%

2 vs. – protein price comparison

I like ordering from because they get stuff to me the next day. I started using for Psyllium Husk powder and the Cal/Mag/D3 powder but I wanted to see how the price compares between Bodybuildng and AllstarHealth; who ships from California to Utah in 2 days (still pretty good).

I put together a test order on both sites for two 2-lb tubs and two 10-lb boxes. Here’s how it broke down:
Subtotal $225.88 $210.76
Coupon $22.59 $0
Shipping $12.98 $5.95
Tax $0 $0
Total $216.27 $216.71

So, the initial price is a bit higher on compared to BUT there’s a 10% off coupon that is always up to date on this page that brings the price down. Note about that coupon: it changes once a month and you can only use the code once (until the next time it changes, next month)… unless you order using “incognito mode” and checkout as a guest. So for now I’m going to stick with – it’s a day quicker and costs just a teeny, tiny bit less.


Had a mixing party last night

After finishing up my vacation I have quite a few orders to ship out! Last night I mixed up almost all of the stuff I had on-hand (more arrives today to take care of the rest) and ended up taking a lot of packages to the post office

Lots of packages

I think this is the most I’ve done in one day since the craziness following the “human dog food” post on reddit back in Mid December 2014.


Label all the things!

Previously I had one Keto Chow recipe and made one label for all the different flavors of Keto Chow, I would just change the big text at the top with the name of the flavor. Now I’ve done gone and made a recipe for each and every one of the flavors because there is a slight variance in net carbs, protein and other nutrients between the flavors.

I also made a new label for each one with the nutrition information correct for each flavor. They’re all linked to the various flavors in the shop, select a flavor and you’ll see the info.

In case you are curious, here are the differences (per day) for the various flavors:

Keto Chow nutrition comparison


My suit from 17 years ago (like back *before* I got married) now fits

My mom (who apparently dresses me funny, thanks for noticing =) bought me this suit back in 1998 after I moved back to the states from Chile. I’ve been down to below my “got married” weight for a while so I decided to try it on for kicks. Yeah, it fits! This is the equivalent of a woman fitting into her wedding dress since this was the suit I was wearing around the time I got married, though it didn’t fit as well then as it does now.

My suit from 16 years agoFor comparison:

2014-10-25 - This was taken 4 days after I started Keto. I was already down 8lbs. My wife looks awesome.

2014-10-25 – This was taken 4 days after I started Keto. I was already down 8lbs. My wife looks awesome.



5 months on Ketogenic soylent, 43.1 lbs

I realized today that I neglected to add an entry for my 5 month ketoversary. Time to rectify that.

2015-03-27 12_22_21-Health Mate

I started doing Ketogenic soylent back October 21, 2014 at the time I was 257.8 lbs. I started with QuidNYC Ketofood and later adapted a recipe by kennufs to make Keto Chow. As of March 21, 2015 – 5 months later, I was 214.7 lbs. If I keep this up I should hit -50 lbs. by the 6 month mark.