Feedback wanted: Individual Days of Keto Chow?

I often get questions about if I can provide multiple flavors in one week. The way I used to mix this simply wasn’t a possibility since I would measure out each week individually and dump the mixture into a bag. My response has been “if you can afford it, get multiple flavors and pull from all of them at the same time” which represents a large capital outlay. In the last month or so I picked up some mixing equipment that allows me to mix an entire 10lb bag of protein powder (5.8 weeks worth) at a time along with all the required minerals and whatnot. Among other things this allows for far greater precision in what people get in each bag: you’re getting exactly 1050 grams of powder now whereas before it could vary a few grams.

Anyhow, It occurred to me tonight that if people want multiple flavors, well I could actually accommodate that given my new methodology. It would require smaller 1-day, 1-flavor bags. There would be MOAR work involved in packaging and labeling so it would cost more to buy 7 individual days compared to a week. Probably $12 or $15 per day, depending on the flavor. It might also affect shipping costs since seven 1-day packages will likely be a bit larger in volume than a 1 week package.

I was looking at these white pouches or these brown pouches and I think they would fit a days worth. So Internets, what do you think? Would yous all be interested in the 1-day pouches or should I just stick with week packs and 1-meal samples?

If you have a couple moments, please fill out this anonymous survey.

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Dietitians Association admits they were wrong about Salt, Cholesterol, Saturated Fat and Sugar

It’s too bad they forgot to mention that refined carbohydrates are essentially just sugar as well but hey, it’s progress. You can get more info at Diabetes-Warrior

Quick quote from that link:

1) Supporting the DGAC [Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee] in its decision to drop dietary cholesterol from the nutrients of concern list and recommending it similarly drop saturated fat from nutrients of concern, given lack of evidence connecting it with cardiovascular disease;

  • After decades of promoting harmful ‘low fat’ and ‘low cholesterol’ foods and dietary guidance…
  • After decades of blaming saturated fat and dietary cholesterol for the explosion in diseases including diabetes…
  • After causing immeasurable harm to MILLIONS (billions?) of people for decades with their advice, advice that at the very least aggravates disease and disease protocols (like diabetes) …

AFTER ALL of this …   by admitting that dietary cholesterol and saturated fat are no longer concerns, they are admitting they were wrong to demonize dietary cholesterol and saturated fat.

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Recommended Reading: Good Calories, Bad Calories

I’m finally finishing up Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Healthby Gary Taubes. He wrote another book “Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It” that apparently covers much of the same info but is simpler and easier to take in, I’m going to read it next. Good Calories, Bad Calories has been very informative. It’s thoroughly researched (like drinking from the fire hose) and does a good job pointing out the inadequacies in the research behind “fat = bad, carbohydrates = good, cholesterol = bad, red meat = bad, overeating = obesity”. I listened to it as an audiobook whilst on the commuter train and bus since I get motion sick if I try to read at all. Aside from how the narrator pronounces “fructose” I enjoyed it and learned a lot. In particular, some of the notions I understood as “fact” turn out to have been refuted study after study, many of them decades ago. At the end he has a summary of the points he’s made during the breadth of the book:

Good Calories Bad Calories Page 454Each and every one of those points are supported by so much research and information it’s staggering. If you disagree with anything in those 10 points, I invite you to read the book =). Point #5 (and 6), in particular, was revealing to me. The book significantly strengthened my resolve to stay on a high fat, low carbohydrate diet in perpetuity. No way am I going to go back to eating that junk again.


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More in depth presentation on Ketosis by (another) doctor

Really excellent presentation about his own N=1 experiment with Ketosis. Gives quite a bit of info but doesn’t overwhelm with details.

Same guy from TEDMED

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Excellent article debunking misconceptions about Keto

Just saw this, had to share. It comes with excellent sources and references to valid studies:

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Sometimes I eat regular Keto food

I don’t always only drink Keto Chow – sometimes when we go camping I’ll make low-carb food for the whole family.

Low Carb diet food

Low Carb diet food

Not pictured are the eggs covered in melted pepper jack cheese I made after I finished the bacon.

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