Won my DietBet, earned $13.87

I was able to lose the 10lbs necessary for a 4% reduction in 4 weeks to win a DietBet. For any interested in some statistics, here you go:

  • It was $30 to compete. My actual winnings were $43.87.
  • The “pot” was $66,210 with 2,148 players each paying $30
  • 1132 ended up losing the 4% and winning – that’s a 52% success rate
  • If you multiply the winners by the winnings you get $49,660.84
  • DietBet themselves kept $16,549.16, that’s 24.99% so… 25%
  • So the REAL winner is DietBet =)
  • I signed up for a second one a week after the first started and it has a $143,610 pot; that means DietBet made $36,000. That’s nuts.

I probably won’t be doing another one. Yes it was good motivation but $14 is barely worth it. I guess I have to be a mean guy and hope less people win the second one. If more than 3590 people win then I don’t even break even on the $30 I put in.


100 Kg (down 17 total in 4 months)

This morning I finally hit 220.5 lbs. This is kinda a big deal for a variety of reasons:

  • It’s within rounding distance of being exactly 100 kg (220.46 lbs). I’m almost as excited about being 100kg as I am about being 37 (“I’m 37, I’m not old.” “Well I couldn’t just call you ‘man’.”).
  • It’s how much I weighed 15 years ago when I got married.
  • It’s less than I weighed yesterday.
  • 220, 221, whatever it takes
  • Brings my total weight lost since I started a Ketogenic diet 4 months ago (tomorrow) to 37.3 lbs. That’s 3 short of being 2 “stone”. I guess I should see if I can lose another 2.7 by tomorrow so it’ll be a nice, even 40 in 4 months =)

4 months of Keto


The spike a month ago was when I went off my diet and ate carbs with reckless abandon in preparation for a weight loss contest. Good times, not going to do that again =)


Discovered a superpower

Yesterday for kicks I did a little experiment and didn’t eat anything from 21:00 the night before until 18:00, so 21 hours without eating just to see what would happen. I had read that doing a ketogenic diet my body would cope with fasting extremely well, and it did. I still drank water and some zero calorie flavored things, but I didn’t get hungry at all for the entire day. Then I chowed down on some Keto chow, a bunch of cheese and some beef jerky. I’m trying it again today and so far it’s worked extremely well. The next 3 days I’m working at a trade show/conference all day and I’m not going to have ready access to refrigeration for bringing keto chow. In the past I’ve just brought an insulated lunch bag with a cold pack which has worked very well but frankly I don’t want to be bothered with transporting food and all that. Anyhow, my plan is for the next 3 days (bringing the total to 5 days): I’m going to eat when I get home and fast the rest of the day.  On Saturday that will probably take me beyond 24 hours since that’s the pack-it-up day. It feels a little weird having not eaten for so long, especially since I’m still not hungry. I didn’t have any problem at all doing the elliptical this morning either. Anyhow, it’ll be an interesting experiment.

For my own reference, I started the day yesterday at 224.7 and this morning I was 222.8.


Had a bit of a flavor party last night

I ordered a bunch of 2 lb tubs of the various flavors and mixed them up into Keto Chow last night: Chocolate Fudge, Pina Colada, Smooth Banana, Cookies and Cream and the staple Chocolate Mint, Strawberry and Vanilla.

Bunch Of FlavorsNot pictured is “Rich Chocolate” – I got the 10 lb bag of that one. I then mixed Rich Chocolate, Pina Colada and Smooth Banana up in blender bottles for today’s food. I did a quick taste test this morning. The Rich Chocolate is significantly more chocolaty than the mint chocolate (like really, really chocolate). The Pina Colada tastes like what it is: Pineapple and Coconut. The Smooth Banana is a bit odd: It mixed up really thin, almost like there’s no xanthan gum in it. It doesn’t look like I messed up on mixing the powder but I’m going to try doing a smaller 1-day batch tonight to double check. It could be it’s got some enzyme or something in it that prevents the xanthan gum from thickening it up. It still tastes good.

EDIT: So I planned to drink the rich chocolate for breakfast and somehow grabbed the banana instead. Drank it. Yes it’s still not quite as thick as the other flavors but it’s not as thin as I thought it was, I don’t think it’s going to be an issue.



Added some Keto Chow sample flavors

In addition to the 3 flavors I normally stock, there are 8 other flavors you can get as a special order. There have been several requests for samples of these, so I’m going to work on that. Today I added samples of Butter Cream Toffee and Cinnamon Bun. Unlike the other samples, I’m going to be managing the stock levels so the page will tell you how many of that flavor I have left. I expect to slowly add most of the other flavors as time and budget allows.


Changing stuff around here

Hey, got a new theme going on the site. I installed it to try to figure out what the deal was with product reviews not showing up correctly but I decided to keep it.

I added “CreditCard” as a payment option, using Swipe for the back end. So now there are three options: bitcoin, credit card and PayPal.


The big change… I’m cutting back on mixing People Chow, I’m concentrating on Keto Chow. It’s what I personally use and I feel Keto Chow is better tasting, better mouth feel and frankly better nutrition. It’s a bit of a long story. the short version is: I’m still doing subscription orders of People Chow; if people want to keep one active, I’m going to keep making it for them. I’m not doing the samples or the regular “buy one week” anymore though.

The creator of the People Chow recipe (MaxK) is going to be launching his own site (hopefully) soon and I’m going to be deferring to him, I have enough Keto Chow orders to keep me crazy busy. Unfortunately I haven’t heard much from him in the last few days so I’m not sure what the status of his new site is. Ideally people looking to try People Chow 3.0.1 (and the long rumored 4.0 Max has been working towards) will be able to get it from him.


Much better

Trace amounts of ketones are showing up now and everything is returned to normal (thankfully). It also seems that keeping up on electrolytes spared me the Keto Flu this time, which is AWESOME! I still am anxious for my weight trend to head down steadily, that should be this week. I didn’t loose nearly as much water weight burning off glycogen as I would have liked. Eating carbs was probably a bad idea in the long run but it did give me some very valuable perspective. If I don’t get enough sleep lately, my legs hurt off and on; that didn’t change when I was back on carbs so I do not think that’s the cause – it’s likely the sleep (or lack thereof). Eating carbs also gave me the perspective that I really don’t need to cheat at all, it just doesn’t hold the appeal it once did. I also ordered a 12 pack of Quest Cookies and Cream bars today because they’re yummy.


Doing that again? dagnabbit

warning: TMI

Last time I started ketosis (back in October) I bucked the normal trend of getting constipated when starting and went the opposite way. Well, It’s happening again, lucky me. I’m not sure if it has to do with gut fauna dying off (not likely since I only are carbs for 6 days) or my body going “oh wow, that’s a LOT of fiber…. um not sure what to do here, let’s try this!” If past experience is any indicator I’ll be back to normal by Monday morning.

Now as a reminder: the plural of “anecdote” is not “data”. My experience should be in no way construed as the norm for starting keto. But hey, it’s what’s happening to me.

I’m nearly back to my weight before I started my carb binge, that’s good.


Water weight and keto flu redux

As previously noted, I started a local weight loss contest yesterday that compares percentage of weight lost as opposed to total pounds. I successfully replenished my glycogen reserves by eating carbs for a few days and gained a fair amount of water weight.

So that craziness is over. Now I’m back doing a ketogenic diet which means I get to go through keto adaptation and probably the keto flu again. I did this to myself on purpose. I guess one good thing is I’m actually prepared for the keto flu this time and am already doubling down on the electrolytes, plus the keto soylent I’m drinking has the proper amount of potassium and sodium (3541 and 2745 mg/day compared to 2936 and 1963 mg/day on the recipe I used last time). It should be an interesting experience.


Major changes be coming

Within the next day or two there will be some major changes here on this site, so don’t be surprised when they come (it’s all good).